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Identifying bodies of water in Aoteaora

SEE THE LESSON English | Maori

The importance of a place name

SEE THE LESSON English | Māori

Traditional methods for keeping safe in the water

SEE THE LESSON English | Maori

Dangers and safety rules for places we swim

SEE THE LESSON English | Māori

Testing materials for flotation

SEE THE LESSON English |Māori

Knowing our rivers

SEE THE LESSON English | Māori

Rocky shores, sandy beaches and river mouths

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Other Resources


Water Skills for Life is the national standard for aquatic education in Aotearoa primary schools. It is generally learnt in the pool.

Click here for the full Set of teaching resources.

More people drown in rivers than in any other aquatic environment in Aotearoa.

Click here for the full RiverSafe teaching resources.

Gain insight into the relationship and connection between Māori and wai.  

Click here for research.



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