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River Safety - Teaching Resources

More people drown in rivers than in any other aquatic environment in New Zealand. These resources have a teaching focus, assisting people to understand rivers, learn basic river safety skills and enjoy rivers safely.

These resources form part of water safety and awareness for classroom discussion and projects. They are linked to the Health and Physical Education curriculum and the underlying concepts of Well Being - Hauora; Health Promotion; Socio Ecological Perspectives and Attitudes and Values. 

Key learning areas are designed primarily for Outdoor Education and students learning river-based activities such as river swimming and crossings.

Key water safety messages around rivers are; never swim alone and never jump into a river without checking the depth or for obstacles in the water.

Resources include:

River Features
Crossing Rivers
Supervision at Rivers
Survival Swimming
Strainer Danger
The Force of Water
Swimming in a River
Planning a Trip
Diving or Jumping in Rivers
Peer Pressure
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