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Kaupapa Māori water safety resources

Explore this site for Kaupapa Māori water safety resources for children in Years 1 - 8. For parents and teachers alike, you'll find useful resources to help you teach vital water safety skills to your young people so they can become competent and confident when they are in, on and around water. Read more



The intimate connections Māori have with water

Māori connection with Tangaroa (god of the sea) is deeply spiritual and metaphysical with the sea often considered to be the source and foundation of all life. While Tangaroa is viewed as the source of life, it can also be destructive and the cause of death and havoc. Sadly this is evident in current preventable drowning statistics where Māori are over represented.

With water and the sea figuring prominently from a Māori world view, respect and understanding of Tangaroa and what Tangaroa is capable of, and water safety skills training is paramount for Māori wellbeing and Māori survival in, on and around the water.


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